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KP Performance YA17KPPD

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17.5 dBi 900MHz Yagi - 5 Pack Boxes YA17KPPD

17.5 dBi 900 MHz single pol with baked on powder coating

The KP Performance Yagi Antennas have been engineered to exceed the requirements that have been in place for the standard in yagi antennas. The KP Performance YA17KPPD Yagi Antennas are manufactured using high strength 6061-T6 aluminum to withstand heavy ice, high wind and other harsh conditions. All elements are compression crimped into the boom (Not Riveted) which eliminates misalignment and fastener problems. We also guarantee the perfect fit of the two segments of the boom, which prevents the yagi from drooping. Our yagi antennas are engineered and field tested for superior tree penetration and performance like no other yagi antenna on the market. Due to the narrow beam-width of the signal the installer will be able to clearly identify the true azimuth of the AP by following the signal read-out, even in NLOS deployments. The entire antenna is powder coated for durability, ice build up prevention and corrosion resistance. A heavy duty clamp is supplied which easily permits horizontal or vertical polarization.