Ubiquiti mPower-Pro

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Ubiquiti Networks mPower-Pro

Ubiquiti Networks mFi mPower PRO Power Strip with Wi-Fi Connectivity and Ethernet Port (8 Outlets, US)

The mFi mPower PRO Power Strip from Ubiquiti Networks is a controllable power strip designed for use with the Ubiquiti mFi platform. It features both Wi-Fi technology and an Ethernet port for multiple connectivity options. Once connected, you can use the mFi Controller software to monitor your devices and define automation rules using your web browser. The mPower is equipped with 8 mFi-controllable power outlets.

Convenient Remote Powering

The built-in mechanical relays provide remote powering capability to control energy consumption.

Efficient Energy Monitoring

Use the power metering capability to monitor the energy consumption of connected devices and reduce energy costs.

Cloud Support

The mFi Controller software can be installed on a local system or run from the cloud at mfi.ubnt.com. Using the cloud allows you access from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Easy Wi-Fi Access

The adapter readily connects to any Wi-Fi network and also has Ethernet capability.