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KP Performance 3GHz 22.5dBi Dual Pol Feed Horn Antenna

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  • Manufacturer: KP Performance
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Electrical Specs

Frequency Range3300-3800 MHz
PolarizationV+H or +-45° slant
Gain23.5 dBi
Beamwidth 3dB12.3 °
VSWR< 1.5:1
Return Loss> 14 dB
F/B Ratio> 32 dB
Cross pol rejection> 25 dB
V/H port isolation> 20 dB
Input Power25 W max per port
Impedance50 Ω
Connector TypeType N Female x 2

Mechanical Specs

Dimensions3300-3800 MHz
WeightV+H or +-45° slant
Mounting Method23.5 dBi
Mounting pole dia12.3 °
Surface Finish< 1.5:1
Temperature Range-40° to +60° C / +140° F
Wind Speed160 km/h / 100 mph
UV ProtectionUV resistant powder coat
Ingress ProtectionIP54 rain resistant

3 GHz 22.5dBi Dual Pol Feed Horn Antenna - 2 or 4 Pack also available 


  • Frequency: 3300-3800 MHz
  • Polarization Type: V+H or +-45° slant
  • Gain: 22.5 dBi
  • Beamwidth H/V: 12.3 °
  • Cross Polar Ratio: > 29 dB
  • F/B Ratio: > 32 dB
  • V/H Port Isolation: > 24 dB
  • Input Power: 25 W max per port
  • Return Loss: > 14 dB
  • VSWR: < 1.5:1
  • Input Impedance: 50 Ohms
  • Connector Type: Type N Female x 2
  • Operating Temperature: ‐40° to +60° C / +140° F
  • Rated Wind Velocity: 160 km/h / 100 mph
  • UV Protection: UV resistant powder coat
  • Ingress Protection: IP54 rain resistant
  • Weight, Product: 12 lbs
  • Mounting Method: Carriage bolts
  • Mounting Pole Diameter: 1 1/4" – 4"
  • Surface Finish: Matte powder coat

3GHz Dual Pol Boomerang Feed Horn Antenna. Whether you need this antennas for +- 45 degree slant or dual Horz. / Vert. this antenna can do both. By turning the feed horn 45 degrees either way the exact same antenna can be adjusted for both polarities.

  • Powder coated to prevent salt and sun fade
  • PSleek design, allowing these to be installed on clients homes for a higher gain
  • PLow wind loading for mounting on towers for point to point shots
  • PThis dish can also utilize a Canopy Claw mount, Nanostation and Loco radio mounts.

3 GHz KPPA 22.5-3GHZ DPFHA Boomerang feed-horn antennas. This antenna is used with our standard Cambium 23 inch elliptical reflector dish and delivers 22.5 dBi signal gain. A very cost effective solution for any point-to-point or multipoint application. The feed-horn antenna mounting bracket shown is 100% adjustable allowing you to adjust the polarity on this same dish from V/H or to a ± 45 degree slant by adjusting the can antenna. Since this is based is the same reflector platform as our Cambium and UBNT dishes its very easy to upgrade since you only need to change the radio bracket out for the feed horns and bracket. These feed horns are used with several radios such as the Cambium 320, Ubiquiti, MikroTik and any other dual connectorized radios.

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