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ARE Telecom AFS-1300 & 100' Flanged - 6 Section Tilt-Up Pole

  • SKU: AFS-1300-SW-30MHY-4SF
  • Manufacturer: ARE Telecom & Broadband
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ARE Telecom AFS-1300-SW-30MHY-4SF

AFS-1300 & 100' Flanged - 6 Section Tilt-Up Pole

AFS 1100/1300:

ARE’s AFS 1100 foundation is small in size, 15’ in diameter, but can support base moment loads up to 400,000 foot lbs. With a crew of 4 people and proper tools, the foundation can be installed in 6 hours including ballast loading with small skid-steer.

Installation is simple and quick. The central Kingpost is set with pie-like trays laid around it. Truss arms are then assembled and torqued to make the foundation rigid. With ballast loaded, this foundation will weigh 50 tons and extend 5 feet off the ground.

It’s small footprint and ability to support a pole beyond typical COW’s has made our 1100 a popular choice with our customers. By combining it with our hydraulically raised pole, this allows for the foundation and pole to brought to any location with a skid-steer or small telehandler and installed for significantly less than conventional concrete foundations or pilings.


  • Fit in 0'
  • Fit in 1-2'
  • Weight: 18,942 lbs