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ARE Telecom AFS-200 & 30' Flanged 3-Section Tilt-Up Pole

  • SKU: AFS-200-BT-9MHY-3SF
  • Manufacturer: ARE Telecom & Broadband
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ARE Telecom AFS-200-BT-9MHY-3SF

AFS-200 & 30' Flanged 3-Section Tilt-Up Pole

The 200 foundation is rugged, assembles in minutes and can support 38,000 ft lbs of base moment in average soil.

The key to our design and patent is our two central plates that give the foundation it’s strength. 4 legs and ballast trays, or bolted brackets, anchor the system.

The AFS 150/200 have been well tested by the US Military and withstood sustained winds of more than 100 mph for more than a year. The equipment was blown-off and was not to be found, but ARE’s AFS 150 was in “like-new” condition and now is located at the USAF Technology Center.


  • Fit in 20'
  • Fit in 40'
  • Weight: 1.32 lbs


  • Mounting platforms for electrical box
  • Adjustable foot plates and keyed ballast blocks for installations for slopes up to 20 degrees
  • Solar PV, Wind Turbine and Battery turn-key kit for remote power stations
  • Embedded steel tube foundation


  • 5 ton hand operated screw-jack (or high torque drill/driver)
  • Gin Pole