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ARE Telecom AFS-2000 & 180' Slip-Joint - 6 Section Monopole

  • SKU: AFS-2000-SW-55M-6SSJ
  • Manufacturer: ARE Telecom & Broadband
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ARE Telecom AFS-2000-SW-55M-6SSJ

AFS-2000 & 180' Slip-Joint - 6 Section Monopole

AFS 2000/3000:

ARE’s largest ballasted foundation is our AFS 3000. Reaching 30’ in diameter and weighing 200 tons once assembled, the 3000 can support a base moment of 4,000,000 foot lbs or poles with fairly heavy loading to 200’ or more.

Like our AFS 1100 and 1500, the 3000 foundation has a central hub or kingpost that connect all ballast trays and truss arms, creating a rigid structure. Using a telehandler, a crew of 4 people can install the AFS 3000 foundation in less than 2 days. A crane is needed to set poles over 120 feet.

Like all ARE foundations and poles, this system can be installed for permanent installations or disassembled and moved to another location as needed. To date our patented ballasted systems have been deployed and commonly used for permanent and temporary systems by ATT for their First Net Network, Verizon, T-Mobile, US Cellular, US Military and Homeland Security on US borders.


  • Fit in 0'
  • Fit in 0-0.5'
  • Weight: 62,326 lbs