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ARE Telecom AFS-350 & 60' Flanged 3-Section Monopole

  • SKU: AFS -350-SW-18MF-3SJ
  • Manufacturer: ARE Telecom & Broadband
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ARE Telecom AFS -350-SW-18MF-3SJ

AFS-350 & 60' Flanged 3-Section Monopole

The 300 is constructed much like our AFS 200, but with a smaller footprint and can support poles with base moments of 43,000 ft lbs in a normal 4000 psf soil. This system installs within an hour with a two-person crew and proper tools, with no part of the foundation weighting more than 110 lbs making it possible to install with no equipment in remote sites.

Like our AFS 200, 2 plates that are compressed by bolts that run up and through the legs give the 350 significant strength and ability to support poles up to and beyond 40’. Being less than 8’ square allows this foundation to fit into tight spaces where a small footprint is required.

This system has been deployed by Verizon for events in New York City as well as by Viettel for remote installations in Asia.


  • Weight: 4,052.40 lbs


  • Mounting platforms for electrical box
  • Ballast platform and railings to house equipment and security
  • Pre-cast concrete blocks for rapid deployment and decommissioning


  • 15 ton motorized or hand operated screw-jack
  • Gin Pole