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ARE Telecom AFS-400 & 40' Flanged 3-Section Tilt-up Pole

  • SKU: AFS-400-SW-12MHY-3SF
  • Manufacturer: ARE Telecom & Broadband
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ARE Telecom AFS-400-SW-12MHY-3SF

AFS-400 & 40' Flanged 3-Section Tilt-up Pole

The 400 foundation is 6-sided and has a footprint of 11.5’ in diameter. Typically the 400 can be assembled in 4 hours by a two person crew and supports a base moment of 86,000 foot lbs with an average soil bearing capacity – 4,000 psf.

There are two designs to choose from. The first is our conventional design with a central hub that all truss arms attach to. This is meant for remote locations where lowering the weight of each component is important. Secondly, we offer a version that uses three rings as a central hub so no component weighs more than 110 lbs.

The 400 has been used by Crown Castle, Verizon and ATT in northern California after the fires, for remote mountain deployments and at events such as the Super Bowl in Minneapolis where the foundation and pole system was installed and removed in hours.


  • Fit in 6'
  • Fit in 12'
  • Weight: 8,030 lbs


  • Dirt, Rock, Gravel, Recycled Concrete
  • Common Bricks, Blocks or Pavers
  • Prefab Concrete Blocks


  • 20 ton Motorized Screw-jack
  • Gin Pole