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ARE Telecom AFS-550 & 60' Flanged 3-Section Tilt-Up Pole

  • SKU: AFS-550-SW-18MHY-3SF
  • Manufacturer: ARE Telecom & Broadband
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ARE Telecom AFS-550-SW-18MHY-3SF

AFS-550 & 60' Flanged 3-Section Tilt-Up Pole

ARE has created the 500 series to work with poles up to 80’. Using a larger footprint with an outer ring for ballast, the 500 series has a footprint of 17’ in diameter and can support 173,000 foot lbs.

Using our central hub to connect all 8 truss arms, the 500 and 550 can ship in a small box or on our US Military Racking System to fit within a C130 plane. The foundation typically installs in 4 hours with a crew of 2-4 people and proper tools.

This system has been used extensively by ARE for telecom and renewable energy for years with great success with multiple units being deployed with the US Air Force in the Arctic Circle.


  • Fit in 3'
  • Fit in 6'
  • Weight: 9,834 lbs


  • Mounting platforms for electrical box
  • Solar PV Mounts
  • Side-Walls for Dirt
  • Platforms and Fencing


  • 25 ton Motorized Screw-Jack
  • Hydraulic Rams and Power Unit
  • Gin Pole