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ARE Telecom 15T Hydraulic Raising System with Power Unit

  • SKU: RHY-350-15T
  • Manufacturer: ARE Telecom & Broadband
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ARE Telecom RHY-350-15T

15T Hydraulic Raising System with Power Unit, AFS 350 -12M-Hydraulic Rams (2) with 12v Power Unit

Fast and Powerful for Monopoles up to 120’

ARE has partnered with hydraulic professionals to design and manufacture our Hydraulic Rams and Power Units. Although we can custom design rams for your particular project, it most likely will not be needed as ARE has designed and built systems around 3 stock ram sizes and capacity at allow us to raise 80’ to 100’ poles with our smaller system, and up to 120’ and 30,000 lbs of pole and equipment with our largest.

Poles are raised and lowered within minutes, but always at a slow and steady rate that is pre-set by our Power Unit manufacturer and tested by ARE at its warehouse before shipping. Operation is simple – get the hydraulic rams pined in the pole brackets, connect the two hoses, start the power unit and use the up and down lever to operate.

Our Portable Power Units are designed to your requirements and can include wheels, pick-points, electric starts and built-in capacity to work with more than one Hydraulic Ram size.