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Alpha Wireless AW3452 T4

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  • Manufacturer: Alpha Wireless
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Specifications AW3452 T4

RF Specifications
Frequency Range per Input3300 – 3800MHz
Polarisation:+/-45° Slant Linear
0 Tilt19.6* (+/-0.5dBi)
5 Tilt19.5* (+/-0.5dBi)
10 Tilt19.2* (+/-0.5dBi)
Over all Tilts19.5* (+/-0.5dBi)
Azimuth Beamwidth33* (+/-5*) Degree
Azimuth Beam Squint<3 Degree
Elevation Beamwidth7*(+/-1⁰)
Electrical Downtilt:T0⁰ – T10⁰
Electrical Downtilt Deviation< 1 Degree
Impedance50 Ohms
VSWR< 1.4
Return Loss:> 15dB
Isolation> 28dB
Front to Back Ratio: Total Power +/-30⁰> 30dB
Upper Sidelobe Suppression, Peak to 20⁰> 16dB
Azimuth Sidelobes*> 22dB
Cross Polar Discrimination at Sector> 16dB
Maximum Effective Power Per Port100W
Mechanical Specifications
Dimensions (LxWxD) mm (in) 37.7" L x 12.5" W x  3.9" H
Packing Size (LxWxD) 860 (33.8) x 460 (18.1) x 178 (7)
Net Weight (antenna) 15 (30.8)
Net Weight (mount) 1 (2.2)
Weight 33.1 lbs
Connector Quantity4 x 4.3-10 2 x AISG 2.0 (Male & Female)
Connector position Bottom
Windload calculation F=1/2*ρ*(Cdp*λ)*v2*A
Windload Frontal 620
Windload Lateral 200
Survival Wind Speed 200 (125)
Radome Material UV-Stabilised PVC
Radome Colour 7035
RET Configuration 1 x RCU to Control both Columns enclosed RET- AISG 2.0
Product Compliance Environmental RoHS
Lightening Protection DC Grounded
Cold Temperature Survival -40
Hot Temperature Survival + 70

Alpha Wireless AW3452 T4

3300-3800MHz, 4 ports, 33⁰ Horizontal Beam Width, 19.5 dBi