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Amerite 25 Series Wall Mount Base Plate

  • SKU: AME 25-WM
  • Manufacturer: Amerite
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Amerite AME 25-WM

Amerite 25 Series Wall Mount Base Plate

In some installations, elevating the base of a tower above the ground or above a lower-floor flat roof can be a definite advantage. American Tower Company Amerite 25 Series Wall-Shelf Tower Supports allow you to wall mount the base of a bracketed 25 Series tower above ground.

These tower supports are made of heavy steel stock up to 1/4-in. thick and are hot-dip galvanized for long life. Wall mounts help keep the area below the tower location uncluttered and usable.

Wall shelf tower supports are typically installed on heavily-constructed, steel and concrete commercial buildings, NOT on wood frame homes. Before ordering and installing one of these elevated tower mounts, verify that the building structure is able to withstand all loads imposed by the antenna system, mounts and mounted tower.