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Attabox 10x8 Swing Panel Kit

US$‎44.97 US$‎59.96
  • SKU: AH108SPK
  • Manufacturer: ATTABOX
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US$‎44.97 US$‎59.96

10x8 Swing Panel Kit

The Attabox Swing Panel Kits attach to corresponding Polycarbonate Enclosures. For Example: A 6x6 Swing Panel Kit attaches to a 6x6x4 Attabox Polycarbonate Enclosure, an 8x6 kit attaches to an 8x6x4 enclosure, and so on. Panel kits attach to both opaque and clear-cover enclosures and can be mounted on either side.

All Swing Panel Kits Include:

  • Aluminum Back Panel
  • Mounts &
  • Screws