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Baicells ATOMR9-OD-232-11-B41

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  • Manufacturer: BaiCells
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Baicells ATOMR9-OD-232-11-B41

Baicells Atom R9 2.5 GHz 200mW Band 41 Outdoor 11 dBi Integrated Antenna

The Baicells 11 dBi model from Atom CPE is the choice for short range non-line of sight LTE CPE connectivity. With a wider beam, it maximizes collection of nearby reflection to optimize link quality. It's also the lowest prices outdoor CPE, and the 11 dBi Atom is constructed in a form factor that allows for seamless insertion into existing reflectors.

Smooth Upgrades

Many operators already have reflectors at their current customer locations. The Atom 11dbi CPE allows you to upgrade the client side to LTE without changing the client premise mount or entering the residence or business.


The Atom CPE is an IP65 unit, so it’s protected from potential water or dust damage in most situations


The Atom 11dBi CPE, like all of Baicells’ products, uses plug-and-play technology. This enables you to have your equipment up and running in record time, minimizing frustration.

LTE Integration

Baicells is committed to standards, so your Atom CPE should seamlessly connect to any standard TDD LTE base station on the same band.