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Cambium PTP810 MMU Dual Modem Upgrade Kit


Cambium Networks C000081H001A

PTP810 MMU Dual Modem upgrade kit, Power Supply Module + Modem Module

With increasing demands for high-speed converged video, voice and data services, service providers and network operators are transitioning to all-IP (Internet Protocol) systems and extending Ethernet technology across their entire networks. The two-fold objective of these migrations is to lower operational and maintenance costs while supporting new packet-centric applications. However, as these networks evolve, TDM-based and Ethernet-based systems need to functionally co-exist to support a seamless migration. Our highly-flexible, convenient Cambium Point-to-Point (PTP) 810 Licensed Microwave Solutions are designed to help you make this transition smoothly and cost-effectively. Our advanced PTP 810 technology platform is designed to provide the carrier-grade reliability and high performance necessary to address your current and future network needs as you migrate from legacy TDM technology to a packet-based environment.

Clear-Cut And Powerful

PTP 810 systems offer you a straightforward, yet future-proof transition toward packet transport. The systems support both Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet, making them ideal to cope with the bursts of sporadic, high-volume traffic served by Internet applications. The highly-modular PTP 810 supports both T1/E1 and STM-1/OC-3 interfaces, combined with a fully packet-based Carrier Ethernet Transport solution.

Predict Performance Accurately

Our industry-leading Cambium PTP LINKPlanner tool allows you to accurately project performance characteristics prior to purchase based on your specific radio path conditions. You can plan and optimize a single link or multiple links simultaneously, obtain configuration details to speed deployment, display a comprehensive overview of your entire wireless network via Google[tm] Earth, and receive a complete licensed-microwave Bill-of-Materials to simplify the ordering process. Thousands of PTP solutions have been planned and optimized using our LINKPlanner software. So, you can have full confidence that your system will perform as promised.