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Cambium ePMP Elevate License for 1 Subscriber License

  • SKU: C050900S501A
  • Manufacturer: Cambium Networks
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Cambium Networks C050900S501A

ePMP Elevate License for 1 Subscriber License

ePMP Elevate is allows you to connect your non-Cambium subscriber modules to a Cambium access point. The solution consists of ePMP access points, ePMP elevate software, and any non-Cambium 802.11n subscriber module. This allows you to upgrade your network considerably, without being forced to replace your subscriber hardware. This license allows you to connect a single non-Cambium SM, to an ePMP access point.

Key Advantages::

  • Industry-Leading Interference Tolerating: Intelligent Filtering hardens your network to strong off-channel interferers. Smart Beamforming with the optional Smart Antenna delivers dramatic performance improvements when dealing with strong co-channel interference. Result? Happier customers
  • Frequency Reuse: GPS Synchronization and Transmit Power Control allow for industry-leading Frequency Reuse
  • Unmatched Performance and Scalability: With the efficient ePMP MAC protocol and advanced air-fairness scheduler up to 120 simultaneously active Subscriber Modules can be served without performance degradation

The ePMP Elevate System solution consists of:

  • ePMP 2000 or ePMP 1000 Full Access Point (sold separately)
  • ePMP Elevate software licensed applied to an Access Point
  • Non-Cambium 802.11n based subscriber module hardware
  • ePMP Elevate Software (FREE Download from Cambium)