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Cambium N500 900 MHz Single with IO

  • SKU: NB-N500911B-US
  • Manufacturer: Cambium Networks
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Specifications NB-N500911B-US

Description cnReach N500 900 MHz Single with IO Radio. Includes two Ethernet and two serial ports
Frequency Range928-960 MHz, 902-928 MHz
Manufacturer Cambium Networks
Broadband Frequency Band 900 MHz
Dimensions (HxWxD) 6.625” x 3.45” x 1.835”
(168 mm x 876 mm x 466 mm)
Weight Single Radio Configuration 1.54 lbs. (0.70 kg)
Dual Radio Configuration 1.61 lbs. (0.73 kg)

Cambium Networks NB-N500911B-US

cnReach N500 900 MHz Single with IO Radio

For outdoor critical infrastructure operations, cnReach transports process monitoring and control data from the remote sensor back to the operations center supporting real-time automated decision making and on-going analytics. Covering large geographic areas, hard to reach terrain and challenging spectrum environments, cnReach delivers reliable, secure connectivity to the petrochemical, electric utility, water/wastewater/stormwater and transportation industries.

cnReach eases the migration to modern networks by combining legacy serial and analog/digital I/O with TCP/IP and Ethernet connectivity. Fully integrated into a ‘single pane-of-glass’ management platform (cnMaestro™) cnReach helps bridge the IT/OT sides of complex organizations. Combining cnReach’s licensed and unlicensed narrow-band radios with Cambium Networks’ broadband technologies, industrial organizations are delivering end-to-end Industrial Internet of Things solutions today.