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Comet Antenna 900MHz 9.2dBi Omni Antenna

  • SKU: KP-20
  • Manufacturer: Comet Antennas
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Specifications KP-20

VSWR1.5:1 or less
Length96 inches
Weight2lb 8oz (inc brackets)
-3dB Beam-width10 degrees
Max Power100 watts
Max Wind Survival112 MPH
Wind Load47 sq in/.32 sq ft
Mast Required1.25—2.50 inches
ConnectorIntegral N-female
RadomeOne piece UV stabilized fiberglass

Comet Antenna KP-20 900MHz 9.2dBi Omni Antenna


  • High gain omnidirectional pattern for long-range communications
  • Heavy duty, one-piece fiberglass radome, 112 MPH wind survival
  • Mounting pipe acts as a shroud, protecting the coax to antenna connection from moisture/wind etc.
  • Extruded aluminum brackets and stainless steel hardware included
  • Ideal for the license free 900MHz ISM band