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Exalt Communications K01900000

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  • Manufacturer: Exalt
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Specifications K01900000

Frequency Band4940-4990 GHz
Transmit Power24 dBm / 24 dBm
Receive Sensitivity-83dBm / 75 dBm
Output Capacity2-4xT1 / 13-27 Mbps Ethernet
Channel Bandwidth10, 20 MHz
Modulation TypeQPSK, 16QAM
Distance Performance> 10 miles @99.999
Power Requirements100-240 VAC
Power Consumption72 Watts
Size (LxWxH)2.63 x 17 x 14
Operating Temperatures-40F to +149F

Exalt Communications K01900000

Upgrade Key, single terminal, 256-bit AES Encryption, EX-s Series GigE+8xT1/E1 (FCC), ExtremeAir

The EX-s Series GigE split-mount microwave radios are carrier-class, point-to-point systems for the entire 6 to 40 GHz licensed spectrum. Featuring native TDM and native Gigabit Ethernet transport with up to 315 Mbps fullduplex capacity per radio carrier, EX-s Series GigE systems are available with software configurable PDH or SDH/SONET interfaces up to 2xOC-3 and up to 4x10/100/1000 BaseT ports available in the same 1RU IDU. The EX-s Series GigE systems are designed to support any mix of TDM and IP/Ethernet traffic, allowing risk-free network migration for both private and operator networks, including 3G to LTE evolution.

The Native Difference. The EX-s GigE systems deliver true carrier-class capability, made possible by running TDM and Ethernet natively. That means rock-solid TDM performance regardless of IP traffic behavior. It also means that when T1/E1 ports are added, TDM throughput is traded bit-for-bit for Ethernet throughput and vice versa, so there's never a question about available user throughput for either transport. Adaptive Modulation. Exalt's adaptive modulation technology is both errorless and jitterless and allows links to simultaneously support different availability levels for TDM and Ethernet. This optimizes range and performance for the most sensitive TDM traffic while ensuring high performance for inherently resilient Ethernet traffic. Links can be engineered for longer distances and Ethernet transport will respond elastically to changing link conditions without affecting TDM availability.

Capacity Aggregation. The EX-s GigE radios can aggregate capacity across multiple licensed and license-exempt microwave links to deliver a single, high speed connection of up to 1 Gbps full-duplex across a single Gigabit Ethernet interface.

Advanced Data Networking. The EX-s GigE radios offer a rich set of advanced data networking features, including a built-in Gigabit Ethernet layer 2 switch with 802.1q VLAN (single and double tag) up to 4094 VLAN IDs, plus multilevel QoS featuring 8 priority levels and 8 individual queues. Traffic can be prioritized based on 802.1p tags, VLAN ID, MAC source address or MAC destination address as required.

High Security. The EX-s GigE systems allow network managers to support the most stringent security requirements, with optional FIPS-197 compliant AES 128-bit and 256-bit encryption for data traffic protection and support for both encrypted SNMP v3 and SSL/SSH to ensure management security.

Advanced Spectrum Diagnostics. Exalt is the first to offer built-in spectrum analysis in a licensed radio. The spectrum analyzer simplifies site survey analysis and aids in antenna alignment, installation and RSL optimization. Once the link is commissioned, the spectrum analyzer is a useful troubleshooting tool to ensure no interference issues exist and to verify that the link is performing at optimum.