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Exalt Upgrade Key 400 to 624 Mbps, ExtremeAir 23GHz Licensed

  • SKU: K05A23XX51
  • Manufacturer: Exalt
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Exalt Communications K05A23XX51

Upgrade Key 400 to 624 Mbps, ExtremeAir 23GHz Licensed

Fiber-Speed Microwave Systems for Ring, Aggregation and Core Applications

ExtremeAir all-outdoor radios are the world's first ultra-high capacity dual-carrier, zero footprint microwave systems. Capable of operation in the 6 - 43 GHz bands, ExtremeAir is designed to deliver guaranteed full-duplex Ethernet throughput as high as 1000 Mbps over a distance of 24 miles. These all-outdoor microwave systems are rugged, XPIC-enabled, tower-mounted radios requiring no cabinet space. ExtremeAir provides a true line speed, low cost alternative to fiber for high capacity ring, aggregation and core applications in LTE, WiMAX and wireline service provider networks as well as campus connectivity and video surveillance applications in enterprise and government networks. Features and benefits include:

Unprecedented ultra-high capacity over distance

ExtremeAir makes full use of the 80 MHz channel in the 18 GHz band to deliver a total Layer 2 throughput of 1000 Mbps, a capacity previously achieved only in 60 and 80 GHz millimeter wave bands. Compared to those systems, ExtremeAir can support up to 20x greater link distances and higher availability at full uncompressed Gbps and near-Gbps capacities, freeing users from the range constraints that have until now limited ultra-high capacity microwave, millimeter wave and free-space optical systems. If desired, throughput by traffic type can be further increased using the advanced data compression option.

Unique on-tower hub aggregation

With up to four Gigabit Ethernet ports, ExtremeAir can aggregate edge traffic from as many as four lower capacity ExploreAir[tm] or ExtendAir® links without the need for an external switch or extra cables runs. In addition, up to 1 Gbps full duplex can be carried over a single ultra-high capacity link to an access network element over a single CAT5 PoE cable without the significant constraints of standards-based link aggregation.

High performance errorless and jitterless adaptive modulation

With a programmable adaptive modulation range of 256QAM to QPSK, ExtremeAir can deliver up to line speed capacity at even greater ranges at high availability levels, then temporarily reduce throughput in the event of a fade while still ensuring the delivery of high priority traffic based on QoS/ CoS. Unlike ultra-high capacity millimeter wave systems that simply shift modulation between a high and a low state while losing data in the process, ExtremeAir provides errorless and jitterless modulation changes over any number of available modulation states.

Data networking

ExtremeAir systems include an integrated hardened Layer 2 switch along with up to four 10/100/1000BaseT/X ports, allowing ExtremeAir to support Carrier Ethernet backhaul requirements and features such as 802.1p (QoS), 802.1q (VLAN tagging) and Ethernet rate limiting.

Flexible remote management

ExtremeAir systems include a full set of remote management tools such as secure Telnet/ Command Line Interface (CLI), RS232, HTTP, HTTPS and SNMP v1, v2c and v3. In addition, the multi-port rcxx205 models provide unique out-of-band management functionality allowing both endpoints of a link to be managed independently.