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Harger 24 Unit Entrance Panel 4x6

  • SKU: HLG1340TWP
  • Manufacturer: Harger
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Specifications HLG1340TWP

Description24 Unit Entrance Panel 4x6
Approx. Each Wt. (lbs.)25

Harger HLG1340TWP

24 Unit Entrance Panel 4x6

Harger’s single piece aluminum entrance panels provide a superior point of entry for coax and fiber cables.

This unique 4” formed port design eliminates mechanical fasteners and gaskets that are found with current entry panels using a spin formed ring riveted to a flat panel. The current design warps and loosens up over time separating the gasket from the metal surfaces, making for an unwanted entry point for both weather and insects. Each 4” port can accept standard boot assemblies for sealing and weatherproofing your structure.

Technical Notes: Panels come complete with a powder coated maple finish, mounting hardware consisting of stainless steel screws, washers and plastic anchors and sealing caps for all openings.