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Harger Mold Blanket/Carrier

  • Manufacturer: Harger
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Mold Blanket/Carrier

The ULTRAWRAP is a Mold Carrier/Blanket specially designed for users of exothermic welding graphite molds. The product contains an inner and outer E-glass yarn with a padded noncrystalline silicate filling, finished with Kevlar. The outer surface is impregnated with a high temperature silicone layer which prevents moisture intrusion. The jacket offers continuous protection up to 900 ºF, also has a low heat loss factor. Tests show that a used graphite mold remains warm and moisture free for several hours with the outer jacket temperature being only hand warm, thus preventing the need to reheat the mold between extended applications. Extends mold life by protecting against shock impact caused by rough handling.


  • Protects exothermic welders from coming into contact with hot molds
  • Protects molds in and out of use
  • Used as a protection blanket against weld splatter

Specifications ULTRAWRAP

Approx. Each Wt. (lbs.)2