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Ilsintech Splice On Connector, FC, 62.5, UPC, 900mc

  • SKU: FC-OM1-UPC-09
  • Manufacturer: ILSINTECH
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Specifications FC-OM1-UPC-09

Connector StyleFC
Fiber TypeMultimode
Polish TypeUPC
Insertion Loss≤ average 0.2dB (≤ max 0.3dB)
FiberOM1 Multimode 62/125
Tensile Strength≥ 34.3N (≥ 3.5Kgf) for 0.9mm fiber
Repeating Operation Test500 Cycle, ≤ 0.2dB
Temperature Range-40°C~85°C


Splice On Connector, FC, 62.5, UPC, 900 micron

PRO's Splice-on Connectors utilize a fiber fusion splicer to terminate fiber optic connectors in the field, addressing return loss concerns present in analog optical networks. Splice-on connectors feature factory pre-polished ferrules that eliminate the need for polishing and adhesives so they can be terminated in the field reducing the potential for operator error. The splice-on connector can be used not only in the field of communication but also in advanced technical fields including avionics, space, military, ship-building and power plants.