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Jirous Robust Antenna Holder (B24 Bracket)

  • SKU: JDMW-900 Mi
  • Manufacturer: Jirous
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Jirous JDMW-900 Mi ( B24 Bracket) 

Robust Antenna Holder

Usage: holder JDMW-900 Mi replaces original one at microwave link B24


  • More robust design for high stability
  • Highly anticorrosive
  • Fine elevation and azimuth adjustment
  • Right and left assembling
  • Simple replacement of the oginal holder
  • All threads in aluminium are reinforced with stainless steel insert

Specifications JDMW-900 Mi

Installation on mastø 40 - 120 mm
Fine adjustment of azimut±20°
Fine adjustment of elevation±20°
Weight3,5 kg