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  • Just Slim 0.25m Cat6 Light Patch Cable Orange

Just Slim 0.25m Cat6 Light Patch Cable Orange

  • SKU: PKW-SLIM-KAT6 0.25 OR
  • Manufacturer: Just Slim
  • Availability: 30 In Stock    (updated live)

Wirewin® CAT6 Light Patch Cable unshielded - Flat (Orange)

Your Network Admin Will Thank You

These flat/slim patch cables occupy a fraction of the space required by conventional round Cat5/6 cables with no negative effects. Their design and small physical size make them perfect for new, high density rack deployments or for cleaning up old tangled messes in overloaded cable management systems.

100% of all Slim cables are factory tested to Gigabit speed and can also be used to transfer POE.

Let's look at the practical application comapred to conventional cable. In this 'before' image we have what some would refer to as a "Networking Nightmare".

Now let's look at the 'after' image. No bird's nest of cable, no hassle switching ports. It's a dream for a network admin.