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KP Performance One 2GHz H/V and one 5GHz H/V antenna in one radome

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  • Manufacturer: KP Performance
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One 2GHz H/V and one 5GHz H/V antenna in one radome KPPA-2HV5HV-90SS

The new generation of dual-antennas from KP combine two complete radiating systems within a single rugged radome. This arrangement allows complete coverage while reducing tower rental and installation costs. The KPPA-2HV5HV-90SS is a high performance dual-band sector panel antenna which combines high gain with a 90° beam-width. A 2GHz H/V antenna and a 5GHz H/V antenna are integrated into a single enclosure with each internal antenna fed via its own individual connectors. Its dual-band design makes it suitable for applications in the 2GHz and 5 GHz band which and eliminates the need to purchase different antennas for each frequency. Comes with a rugged case for two UBNT or ePMP radios and an adapter for external mounting up to two PMP radios. Pigtail cables not included.


  • Two forward-facing 90° sector antennas in a single radome, one for each band
  • High gains of 15.2 and 15.9 dBi
  • Clean patterns for frequency re-use on the same tower
  • Supplied with KP’s over-designed universal adjustable bracket, in hot-dip galvanised steel, with wide U-bolts for mounting on poles or tower legs up to 4”.
  • Mounting space for two ePMP radios on back


  • Reduced inches on tower, only 28” tall
  • Single mounting point means half the tower rental
  • Lower wind resistance than two equivalent sectors
  • Allows upgrade path to add a frequency band without using more space on tower.
  • Faster installation than two single-band sectors

Specifications KPPA-2HV5HV-90SS

ElectricalPort APort B
Frequency range2400-26005400-5900
Gain15.2 dBi15.9 dBi
Azimuth 3dB beamwidth90 °90 °
Elevation 3dB beamwidth7.2 °4.9 °
Electrical Downtilt< 1 °< 1 °
VSWR, Return loss< 2:1. > 10 dB< 2:1. > 10 dB
F/B ratio> 26 dB> 28 dB
Cross-pol ratio> 29 dB> 30 dB
Port to port isolation, in-band> 29 dB> 26 dB
between bands> -39 dB> -39 dB
ABAB frequency re-use-26 dB-30 dB
ABABAB frequency re-use-22 dB-24 dB
ABCABC frequency re-use-26 dB-30 dB
Input power50 W max per port
Connector TypeType N Female x 4
Dimensions35.5 x 8.5 x 4.5”
Weight8.5 lb
Mounting methodCarriage bolts
Mounting pole dia1¼” – 4”
Surface FinishMatt powder coat
Temperature range-40° to +60° C / +140° F
Wind speed160 km/h / 100 mph
UV protectionUV resistant UPVC
Ingress protectionIP55 rain resistant

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