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  • KP Performance 900MHz Dual Pol 12.5 dBi 90 Degree Sector

KP Performance 900MHz Dual Pol 12.5 dBi 90 Degree Sector

  • SKU: KPPA-900DP-90S
  • Manufacturer: KP Performance
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Specifications KP Performance KPPA-900DP-90S

Frequency range902-928 MHz
Polarization Type±45°
Gain12.5 dBi
Beamwidth H/V90°
Electrical Downtilt< 1
Cross Polar Ratio>26 dB
F/B Ratio>28 dB
V/H Port Isolation> 25 dB
Return Loss14 dB
Input Impedance50Ohms
Maximum Power50W
Lightning ProtectionDirect Ground
Connector TypeN-Female
Weight16 lbs
Support Pole Diameter1.25" - 2.5"

KP Performance KPPA-900DP-90S 900MHz Dual Pol 12.5 dBi 90 Degree Sector

This NLOS sector antenna has been constructed with heavy duty aluminum extrusion and covered with a UV resistant ABS radome. The KPPA-900DP-90S dual polarized antenna is very well suited for communicating with fixed and mobile wireless clients. The size of this sector antenna will allow you to install four sectors on one small tower, its 38 x 9.5 x 3 inches and weighs only 12 Ibs. Because of its high gain it offers superior extended range. The 90 degree beamwidth covers a large service area. The heavy duty mounting system will ensure a stable installation in high wind conditions. The mount has a tilt indicator to enable setting of accurate antenna down tilt.