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McCown Technology Corporation APC Surge Supressor for 430 Acess Points

  • SKU: 800-430-APC-HV
  • Manufacturer: McCown
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McCown Technology Corporation 800-430-APC-HV

APC Surge Supressor for 430 Acess Points

This MTC Ethernet Surge Suppressor Protector is designed to be used with the APC surge suppressor 1RU chassis. The circuit is similar to proven and popular 444SS circuit with the addition of the Ethernet CRC error killer circuit. This device protects equipment where a number of devices are colocated. Shielded RJ45 jacks provide grounds to shielded plugs. This device is specifically designed for the POE pinout of the Canopy 430 line of product. Pins 4 & 5 are not bonded together, they have opposite POE polarity, same as pins 7&8. Most 4 pin data POE products bond 4 to 5 and 7 to 8. Make sure this is really what you need before you order it.. See application chart for application details. Note: This product has data on 4 wires and POE on 4 wires. It is limited to 100 Mbps. If you need GigE, check out our GigE Ethernet surge suppressors.


  • Voltage LEDs prove power supply is on
  • Surge circuit custom designed specifically for CANOPY 430 POE devices
  • High-Speed Ethernet surge suppression design with low clamp voltages
  • Fits the APC PRM24 and PRM4 line of chassis for replaceable data line surge protection
  • Shielded RJ45 connectors provide a ground to shielded plugs
  • Ultra fast suppression – typically less than 1.0ps from 0 Volts to BV min


  • Installed at large colocation sites such as a NOC
  • Prevent damage to the AP and the other NOC equipment
  • LEDs helps personnel verify POE voltage
  • Use HV version for sites with high power (100 watts and over) RF exposure to the CAT5