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McCown Technology Corporation 100% Gas Discharge Tube POE APC SS

  • SKU: 800-CAT6-POE-APC
  • Manufacturer: Mccown
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Specifications 800-CAT6-POE-APC

Attenuation3dB @ 1000Mhz
NEXT Increase0.2dB
Return Loss Decrease0.3dB
Clamping VoltageHV Version 69 Volts
Height1.655 inches
Width3.170 inches
Weight.35 lbs (.15kg)

McCown Technology Corporation 800-CAT6-POE-APC

100% Gas Discharge Tube POE APC Surge Suppressor

Rack Mount POE Injector 100% Gas Discharge Tube Surge Protector

CAT6-POE is a POE injector/Extractor with surge protection added. It is used to insert or remove power from an Ethernet data line.

However it does not provide the power. The power (or load) must come from and external device. That is what the two terminal green connector is for. You can select which pairs and which polarities you want on the pairs with jumpers.

The pluggable green terminal block is where you connect the external power source or load.

If you already have a POE port that is powering your equipment you should just use our CAT6-APC surge protectors. They pass through whatever power is already there.

The CAT6-POE-APC will block any power that is already on the line and divert that power to the two terminal connector. Designed to be used with the popular PRM4 and PRM24 1RU Rack Mount Chassis made by APC. We also sell a PRM4 4 slot rack that is Din Rail Mount.

Universal POE Injection or Extraction for any POE circuit. 0-56 Volts AC or DC

Also compatible with the following Trango radios:

  • Apex Lynx
  • Apex Orion
  • Apex Plus
  • StrataLink 24

Rack Mount CAT6 POE Injector Surge Protector-Suppressor-Arrestor.

Especially flexible POE Configuration. Jumpers allow any combination of polarity on any and pair. Moreover, up to 1 amp per pair (with high current transformer option) allows almost any POE device to be powered. (.350 amps default per wire max recommended for most RJ45 devices). Therefore if all 8 wires are configured as the same polarity, 4 amps can be conveyed.

(This presumes high current transformer option is selected).

This device will convey power to 802.3af/at devices or extract power from a POE powered circuit. (User must provide appropriate power supply of course). Shielded RJ45 jacks provide grounds to shielded plugs.


  • GigE Ethernet surge suppression
  • Shielded RJ45 connectors provide a ground to shielded plugs
  • Ultra fast suppression – typically less than 1.0ps from 0 Volts to BV min 100% Gas Tube only design
  • Bi-Directional 100% Gas Discharge Tube provides full protection even during a destructive surge
  • Lower loss and crosstalk than Thyristor based designs
  • Ultra fast suppression – typically less than 1.0ps from 0 Volts to BV min
  • Up to 2.00 amp total (500mA per pair) POE capability (RJ45 limits are
  • 500 mA or less per pair)
  • Any polarity on any pair – total flexibility


  • Backhaul radios
  • Point to point microwave radio powering
  • Installed at outdoor tower colocation sites
  • Conveying power over unused Cat5/6 cables
  • Emergency spare POE
  • Pulling power from POE circuits
  • Powering Cameras
  • Up to 68 volts AC or DC
  • Note: Does not allow “split pair” powering for devices like Canopy PMP430