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McCown Technology Corporation Tower Face Mount

  • SKU: 800-M-TOW-FACE-26-26
  • Manufacturer: McCown
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Specifications 800-M-TOW-FACE-26-26

Height 26 inches
Width 26 inches
Mounting Pipe Dia 2.375 Inches
Net Weight 36.2 lbs
Material Steel - Hot Dipped Galvanized

McCown Technology Corporation 800-M-TOW-FACE-26-26

M-TOW face mount

The M-TOW face mount is designed to allow 1.'-3'. reflector dishes to be mounted to smaller triangular pipe and sheet metal towers. It transfers the wind load torque from the leg to the whole tower. Overall torque is reduced to to the compact configuration.


  • 100% Solid Steel Rated for 200lbs of force
  • Removes torque from individual tower elements
  • Minimizes overall torque on the entire tower
  • All parts are hot dip galvanized for long life
  • Keeps antenna close to tower for low wind loads and low tower torque
  • 100% Manufactured in the USA