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Multimode LC to LC Jumper (3 Meter)

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Multimode Fiber Optic Jumper (3 Meter)

Multi Mode Fiber Patch Cable provides high bandwidth and transmission rates, and supports longer distances at cost effective prices. This Multi Mode Fiber Patch Cable is perfect for use with today's high speed networks while providing headroom for tomorrow's bandwidth requirements.

Product Features

  • A cost effective solution that provides higher bandwidth and support for longer distances
  • Perfect for use in Gigabit Ethernet applications
  • Headroom for tomorrow's higher bandwidth needs

Product Specifications

  • Cable Type: Fiber Optic Multi Mode
  • Cable Length: 3m (9.84ft)
  • Cable Connector A: LC
  • Cable Connector B: LC
  • Fiber Size: 50/125 micron
  • Cable Jacket Material: PVC
  • Cable Color: Red