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POGO ISP Supplies Sales Package

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  • First Person View Camera

  • 5 lb. payload

  • Max payload is rated for 10 MPH winds

  • 16-18 min. flight time (with max payload)

  • 15 in. propellers

  • Dimensions: 20 in. height | 35 in. width

  • 24V to 25V POE female RJ45 port

  • GPS Positioning

  • Altitude accuracy of +/- 2 cm

  • Detachable Leg mount for CPE antenna

  • Surface Go is preferred device to operate this aircraft

  • Hand controller for manual hand controls


  • The POGO is designed specifically for site surveys for new CPE installs and/or new tower locations and spectrum analyze with a RF Explorer. The POGO carries the users CPE antenna, as well as powers and communicates with the antenna to complete a site survey. 

  • The WISPr OS uses the data from the CPE antenna and the flight controller on the POGO to inform the user of the best altitude and azimuth locate the antenna to provide a new service. Tower coordinates can be entered into the WISPr OS so the POGO can quickly locate the tower to survey. The WISPr OS stores logs from the survey logs on the POGO’s on-board computer, which can be uploaded to the WISPr Cloud for later viewing.

  • First Person View Camera to see what the Scout see’s while flying and take pictures.

  • Using the POGO and WISPr OS, the user will gain efficiency previously not seen with the traditional surveying methods.

Standard Warranty

  • 3 days after the purchase of the WISPr Pogo, our 90-day standard warranty is in effect. It allows unlimited manufacturer defect repairs for 90-days. Shipping charges do not apply

  • *90-day unlimited manufacturer defect repairs

  • **Customer pays for shipping to and from WISPr Systems



  • 1 POGO

  • 1 hand controller

  • First Person View Camera

  • 1  15ft micro USB cable

  • 1 ethernet cable

  • 1 POGO Leg

  • 1 Hex Driver

  • 2 pair of counterclockwise and clockwise quick detach propellers

  • Built in 24V POE port on board

  • Port for RF Explorer

  • Manufactured in the U.S.A.

  • 2  batteries

  • 1  battery charger

  • 2.5mm Hex driver

  • 1 year of WISPr OS software services included in cost.

***WISPr OS is required to operate the WISPr Scout.