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Perfect Vision Grip Clip with Screw 1/2 (bag of 100)

  • SKU: A2-3
  • Manufacturer: Perfect Vision
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Perfect Vision GC12BLK

Grip Clip with Screw, 1/2", Single, Blk, 100 bag

This ½” black grip clip allows you to hold a single coax cable line by inserting the line into the clip and then screwing it into the desired location. This prevents the cable from being easily snagged by securing it in an out-of-the-way place. This grip clip penetrates the surface of resistant material ½”allowing for a deeper gripping of the screw. DIRECTV approved. Each bag contains 100 clips.


  • Holds single coax line without risk of damaging the coax
  • Lines are inserted into the clip then screwed into the desired location which prevents easy snagging
  • Secures in an out-of-the way place
  • These models penetrate the surface 1/2” which is useful when inserting into a resistant material to allow for deeper gripping of the screw.
  • Black in color with UV protection
  • Bag of 100