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Poynting 2.4GHz-2.5GHz 17dBi Antenna Enclosure

  • SKU: WLAN-A0015 (AT-17AE-24)
  • Manufacturer: Poynting
  • Data Sheet: Download
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Specifications WLAN-A0015


Gain (max)17.5 dBi (+-0.5 dB)
Gain (min over the band)17.0 dBi (+-0.5 dB)
Frequency2.4– 2.5 MHz
VSWR< 2.0:1
Feed power handling10 W
E-plane 3 dB beamwidth 18.5° (± 5°)
H-plane 3 dB beamwidth 32.0° (± 5°) 
Nominal input impedance50 Ohm
PolarisationLinear (Vertical or Horizontal)


Temperature Range- 20° C to +70° C
Wind Loading160 km/h
Shock40G at 10 msec
Thermal Shock- 20° C to +70° C : 10 cycles
Water Ingress RatingIP65 (NEMA 4X)


Dimensions (l x w x d)364 mm x 258 mm x 98 mm
Dimension of electronic compartment (l x w x d)200 mm x 300 mm x 40 mm
Weight2.35 kg
Clamp40-50 mm pole
Tilt angle30° (± 1°), 25° (± 5°)
MountingStainless steel brackets for up to 50 mm poles

Poynting 2.4-2.5 GHz 17dBi Antenna Enclosure

The BridgePoynt range provides everything you need for professional outdoor wireless networking. The range includes weatherproof outdoor enclosures with integrated antennas, cable assemblies, electronics, power injectors and ancillary products. These products can be combined into highly professional custom solutions that cater directly to a clients needs.

WLAN-A0015 is an outdoor enclosure with an integrated 2.4GHz 17 dBi antenna and a pole mounting bracket with elevation tilt. Each unit includes an enclosure with integrated antenna, 6 movable posts with self tapping screws and double-sided tape to mount your electronics.


  • Frequency: 2.4 - 2.5GHz
  • Integrated 17 dBi antenna
  • Weatherproof box for outdoor use
  • Plenty of room for your equipment inside
  • Female SMA connector
  • L14.3 X W10.2 X D3.9


  • CPE applications
  • Medium range point-to-point links