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  • Primus Cable Fiber Distribution Pedestal, 48 SC Drop Cable Capacity

Primus Cable Fiber Distribution Pedestal, 48 SC Drop Cable Capacity

  • SKU: FB23-4502-48DP
  • Manufacturer: Primus Cable
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Specifications FB23-4502-48DP

Splice Trays(2)24 Fiber Splice Trays (1) Included
Couplers(24) SC Duplex Adapters Sold Separately
BaseHDPE High Density Polyethylene
CoverLDPE Low Density Polyethylene
Frame & Termination PlatesAluminum
HardwareStainless Steel
Plate FinishPolyester Powder Coat
CoverRemovable cover slides on top of unit and is secured by hex-head bolt
Cable EntranceBottom open for concrete pad or vault mounting

Fiber Distribution Pedestal, 48 SC Drop Cable Capacity, Includes 24 Fiber Splice Tray

Fiber Distribution Pedestal

Compatible with Primus Cable Splice Tray FB25-4000STP24

An outside plant pedestal designed for splicing and termination of fiber optic cable. The pedestal’s split base design allows for ring cutting of the fiber optic cable for mid-span access and termination of up to 48 drop cables utilizing SC Duplex adapters. The optical splitters used within this product are a fused biconic design and housed within the lower splice tray. The pedestal includes one 24 fiber splice tray and all the hardware required to secure three cables. This design also lends itself to cross-connect applications, saving the expense of a stand-alone cabinet.