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Primus Cable Multimode Fiber Certification Test Kit

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Multimode Fiber Certification Test Kit

Many fiber optic network bids and Requests For Quote (RFQ) are citing cabling standards to specify the set of guidelines (such as fiber length) that the network installer must follow during the network installation. Adherence to such standards is meant to ensure the quality of the installation and guarantee that the network will perform as it was designed.

The process of testing a network installation to ensure its adherence to specified standards is called certification, and often requires hard-copy documentation as proof of adherence to standards.

The Fiber OWL 4 BOLT Dual OWL 850 Test Kit contains the tools necessary for certifying fiber optic links against a myriad of popular cabling standards in multimode networks at 850nm.

The Fiber OWL 4 BOLT optical power meter is multimode and single mode ready, and contains a user-friendly Fiber Link Wizard that performs link budget calculation (including integrated fiber link length testing), and sets a reference value using the characteristics of the link. This reference is the PASS/FAIL threshold and is calculated against the chosen standard. Up to 1000 fiber runs may be stored, then downloaded to a PC for report generation using our OWL Reporter software.

It also includes intelligent automated testing functions, such as automatic dual-wavelength storage and auto-wavelength recognition, which reduce testing time and human error.

The Dual OWL 850 fiber optic light source is designed for accurate testing and certification of multimode networks at 850nm. Its output is temperature-stabilized for accurate measurements.

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