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Primus Cable OWLTrek OTDR Multimode 850nm/1300nm

  • SKU: FB32-4636
  • Manufacturer: OWL
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OWLTrek OTDR Multimode 850nm/1300nm

With an unbeatable combination of a small pocket-sized form factor, a 2.8” high-resolution color LCD display, and some of the lowest pricing in the industry, OWLTrek multimode OTDRs are the wise choice for cost-conscious buyers who need to perform basic troubleshooting or restoration tasks on multimode optical fiber networks. All this from OTDRs that really are pocket-sized and fair priced, yet have comparable features and specifications to other OTDRs in their class.

Specifications FB32-4636

Output Wavelength850/1300nm
Fiber TypeMultimode
Dynamic Range (SNR=1)123/25 dB
Event Dead Zone22 meters (typical)
Attenuation Dead Zone3

7 meters (typical)
Maximum Data Points64000
Data Point Spacing1 meter
Pulse Width1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 meters
Index of Refraction1.4000 to 1.6000
Distance Accuracy1 + (distance in meters/10000)
Distance Range420 kilometers
Number of Stored TracesMaximum trace distance: up to 400 // Minimum trace distance: 3000+
Display TypeHigh-resolution Color LCD
Display Size2.8" diagonal
Battery TypeLithium Polymer
Battery Lifeup to 20 hours normal usage
Dimensions2.87” x 4.42” x 1.25”
Weight10 ounces (284 g)
Output Wavelength650nm
Output Power1 mW
Operating ModeCW / Flash