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QuWireless QuSpot for Teltonika RUT240/230

  • SKU: A240S
  • Manufacturer: QuWireless
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Integrated multi-band LTE omni antenna + WiFi omni antenna + place to install Teltonika RUT240 or 230 (All-in-one

QuSpot omni LTE antenna for Teltonika RUT240 of 230 router is a perfect outdoor device for mobile and fixed installations like industrial, CCTV, hotspots, yachts, boats, campers, RV etc. It has embedded also omni Wi-Fi antenna. If you use RUT240 or 230 with QuSpot antenna, you get an integrated complete solution with embedded router and multi band antennas in one enclosure.NOTE: For RUT230 one LTE antenna is unplugged.OUTDOORUse Teltonika router whenever you wantANTENNAMaximize your signal with QuWireless antennasSOLUTIONPlug Teltonika router and you are good to go