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RF Elements Sector Antenna, 5GHz, 20 dBi

  • SKU: SEC-CC-5-20
  • Manufacturer: RF Elements
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Specifications SEC-CC-5-20


Antenna Connection2x RP-SMA on integrated semi-fl ex pigtails
Antenna Type5 GHz 20 dBi
Temperature-26°C to +60°C (-15°F to +140°F)
Wind Survival160 km/hour
Weight3,9 kg


Frequency Range5450 - 5850 MHz
Gain Max 19.7 dBi
Gain Typical 19.3 dBi
Polarization Dual Linear H + V
Azimuth Beam Width -3 dB H 74° / V 74°
Elevation Beam Width -3 dBH 4° / V 4°
Azimuth Beam Width -6 dBH 96° / V 100°
Elevation Beam Width -6 dB H 5° / V 5°
Front-to-Back Ratio (Min) 29 dB
Cross Pol Isolation H 21 dB / V 21 dB
Impedance50 Ohm
VSWR Max 1,8
VSWR Typical 1,35
Isolation Between Ports 27 dB

Compatible Wireless Platforms

RF elements® StationBox® S, StationBox® S CARRIER CLASS, RockShield™
Cambium Networks™ePMP™ 1000 Connectorized Radio*
MikroTik™ BaseBox**, NetBox**, NetMetal **
Ubiquiti Networks™UBNT Rocket™ M5, UBNT Rocket™ M5 Titanium UBNT Rocket™ 5ac

RF Elements SEC-CC-5-20

Sector Carrier Class 5-20 2x2 H+V


Carrier Class Sectors are addressing customer requirements for RF performance, co-location noise resistance, ease of installation and cost efficiency.

Antennas feature innovative BackShield™, patent pending system of frequency selective reflectors incorporated into antenna structure to attenuate side lobes and back side near field radiation.

Sector Antenna 5 GHz 20 dBi is a dual polarization version of CARRIER CLASS Sector with one horizontal and one vertical polarization antenna.