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RF Elements 5GHz 80 Degree Symmetrical Sector Antenna, 11dBi

  • SKU: SH-TP-5-80
  • Manufacturer: RF Elements
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Specifications SH-TP-5-80


Antenna ConnectionTwistPort - Quick Locking Waveguide Port
Antenna TypeHorn
Temperature-30°C to +55°C (-22°F to +131°F)
Weight1.3 kg
Wind Survival160 km/hour
Mechanical Tilt± 25°
Dimensions (H x W x D)148 x 249 x 128 mm


Frequency Range4900 - 6200 MHz
Gain11 dB
PolarizationHorizontal + Vertical
Front-to-Back Ratio29 dB
Xpol attenuation23-24 dB
BW azimuth80° (-6dB)
BW elevation80° (-6dB)

RF Elements SH-TP-5-80

Symmetrical Horn SH-TP 5-50, SYMMETRICAL HORN ANTENNA FOR SIMPER RADIO, More Coverage without Null

Symmetrical Sectors cover more area than traditional Sectors with narrow vertical beamwidth. Symmetrical Sectors have no issues with connecting close clients.

Easy Co-location

As a result of very low sidelobes of horn antennas, Symmetrical Sectors are ideal for cluster deployments and co-location.

TwistPort Connector

Connecting Simper Radios to Sector Antennas is a simple “twist and snap”. Connection with radio is virtually lossless

Compact and Weatherproof

Symmetrical Sector antennas are compact and easy to mount virtually anywhere. Symmetrical Sectors are made of the best weather resistant materials as aluminium, plastic and st. steel.