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  • Radiowaves 0.3 m | 1 ft Flat Panel Antenna, Dual-polarized, 5.15-5.85GHz

Radiowaves 0.3 m | 1 ft Flat Panel Antenna, Dual-polarized, 5.15-5.85GHz

  • SKU: FPD1-5-24
  • Manufacturer: RadioWaves
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Specifications FPD1-5-24

Gross Weight8 lbs
Dimensions16" L x 16" W x 5" H
Frequency range5.25 - 5.85 GHz.
Antenna TypeFlat Panel Antenna
Size, nominal1 ft | 0.3 m
Operating Frequency Band5.15 - 5.85 GHz
Half Power Beamwidth, Horizontal20 degrees
Half Power Beamwidth, Vertical20 degrees
Cross-Polarization Discrimination20 dB
Front to Back Ratio (F/B)40 dB
Gain, Low Frequency22.4 dBi
Gain, Mid Frequency23 dBi
Gain, High Frequency23.5 dBi
Return Loss-12 dB
Fine Azimuth AdjustmentSupplied with coarse az adjust only
Fine Elevation Adjustment+/- 10 degrees
Mounting Pipe Diameter, Min2 inch | 5.1 cm
Mounting Pipe Diameter, Max2.5 inch | 6.4 cm
Net Weight5 lbs | 2.3 kg
Wind Velocity Operational90 mph | 145 km/h
Wind Velocity Survival Rating125 mph | 201 km/h
Mechanical ConfigurationFP1
Axial Force (FA)49 lbs | 220 N
Side Force (FS)0 lbs | 0 N
Twisting Moment (MT)0 ft-lbs | 0 Nm
Operating Temperature Range-40 to +60 C
Max Pressure, PSIG, (if waveguide interface)na
Industry Canada Complianceundeclared

Radiowaves FPD1-5-24

0.3 m | 1 ft Flat Panel Antenna, Dual-polarized, 5.15-5.85GHz

The FP Flat Panel Series by RadioWaves offers a full line of high performance flat panel antennas engineered for superior performance within a low profile aesthetically pleasing form factor. Ideal for Point to Point applications where form factor is a concern, RadioWaves field-proven pre-assembled antennas and robust easy to install mounting system ensure “set and forget” installation with minimal post-installation maintenance. If it’s rugged, it must be RadioWaves!


  • High Performance Flat Panel Antennas – Excellent performance in an aesthetically pleasing form factor
  • Fully Preassembled at the Factory – Simplifies installation on site and guarantees “factory­tested” quality
  • Warranty – Industry leading 7­year warranty