Radiowaves G6-2.4NF

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Specifications G6-2.4NF

Antenna TypeGrid ParabolicReflector Antenna
Size, nominal6 ft | 1.8 m
Operating Frequency Band2.4 - 2.7GHz
Fine Azimuth Adjustment +/- 10 degrees
Wind VelocityOperationa90 mph | 145 km/h
Wind VelocitySurvival Rating125 mph | 201 km/h
Axial Force (FA)701 lbs | 3119 N
Side Force (FS)303 lbs | 1348 N

Radiowaves G6-2.4NF

Point to Point link for remote vehicle applications

Radio Waves provides solutions that provide a mobile point to point link tying in a remote vehicle into an existing secure private network. These are designed for quick deployment to enhance emergency response and is ideal for first responders and other government agencies. The solutions are fully automated and with the touch of a few buttons on the supplied central control system, the link is up and running.