Radiowaves OMND-4.5-9

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Specifications OMND-4.5-9

Antenna TypeOmnidirectional Antenna
Size, nominal2 ft | 0.6 m/td>
Polarization Dual H & V
Operating Frequency Band4.4 ­ 4.6 GHz
Half Power Beamwidth, Horizontal360 degrees
Half Power Beamwidth, Vertical/td> Half Power Beamwidth, Vertical
Cross­Polarization Discrimination20 dB
Gain, Low Frequency8.5 dBi

Radiowaves OMND-4.5-9

Low Profile, high performance with 360 degree horizontal radiation

Radio Waves offers a complete line of Omni Directional antennas in the 4.4-4.6Ghz and 4.7-5.0Ghz bands for point to point terrestrial applications. These offer stable radiation patterns across the band. They combine light weight construction with rigid low profile Radomes for fixed and mobile applications.