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Redline Communications RDL-3000 3.3 to 3.8 GHz Radio Platform/GPS

  • SKU: 3K-SC-RF3338-GPS-01
  • Manufacturer: Redline Communications
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Specifications 3K-SC-RF3338-GPS-01

Frequency Band3.3-3.8GHz
Transmit Power+25 dBm (region specific)
Receive Sensitivity-98 dBm
Output CapacityUp to 18 Mbps Ethernet 10/100Base T
Channel Bandwidth5, 10, 20 MHz
Modulation TypeBPSK to 64 QAM
Distance Performance75 miles
Power Requirements36-57VDC
Power Consumption35/41 Watts
Size (LxWxH)11.45" x 10.57" x 2.50"
Operating Temperatures-40ºF to 140ºF
Warranty1 year
Weight7 lbs

Redline Communications 3K-SC-RF3338-GPS-01

RDL3000 XP Ellipse 3.3-3.8GHz Base Station RF-2xN(f) GPS-1xTNC(f) Eth-1xRJ45 100Base-T Gland

Use the RDL-3000 SC Virtual Fiber[tm] solution to manage PMP wireless IP traffic scheduling, Quality of Service (QoS), and security for Redline's versatile line of premium access subscribers. This powerful base station reliably manages multiple data streams to extend coverage, fill service gaps, connecting M2M devices, and support high capacity applications including business access and 4G/LTE off-loading.

Available in a range of frequency bands, the RDL-3000 SC delivers high-speed, low latency, and five-9's availability in the most challenging deployment conditions. You can rely on the RDL-3000 SC to provide robust high speed connectivity to wireless access points throughout cluttered urban cities, in business parks, and across open rural terrain. Use the flexible QoS profiles to actively manage fine SLA controls on every end-to-end connection.

Join the growing list of enterprises, service providers, and local & state governments globally using Redline's Universal Wireless Transport (UWT) to reliably connect people and machines everywhere. Redline Virtual Fiber[tm] solutions - where nothing else works.


  • RDL-3000 SC controls any mix of Redline access series subscribers
  • Durable IP67 rated enclosure ensures many years of reliable low maintenance service
  • Virtual Fiber [tm] solution overcomes the time/cost of obstacles such as roads, waterways, and rights-of-way
  • Complete over-the-air monitoring, configuration, and software upgrades without physical access to the system
  • Purchase only initial performance levels and features and upgrade later over-the-air without replacing hardware
  • Fully software-defined design provides enhanced flexibility and extends system life far beyond fixed hardware solutions

The RDL-3000 SC base station wirelessly controls the Enterprise, RDL-3000 SU and AN-80i. RDL-3000 series access solutions are supplemented by a full line of carrier grade peripherals including antennas, cables, mounting hardware, and power sources.