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Redline Communications RDL3000 XP Edge 4.9-5.8GHz Terminal 2xRF-N(f) 1xEth-RJ45 Gland

  • SKU: 3KRR-G-G-T5X
  • Manufacturer: Redline Communications
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Redline Communications 3KRR-G-G-T5X

RDL-3000 XP Edge 4.9-5.8GHz Terminal

High-Speed Industrial Wireless Terminal

Use the RDL-3000 SU Virtual Fiber[tm] solution to deliver reliable high speed wireless connectivity in challenging environments, isolated locations, and distances up to 100 km.

The RDL-3000 SU wireless terminal is ideal for industrial applications requiring broadband speeds and high reliability. Available in a wide range of frequency bands, the durable enclosure and wide selection of antennas enables long range deployments in the most challenging environmental conditions.

Deploy the RDL-3000 SU quickly and easily wherever you need wireless services for SCADA telemetry, automated process control, backhaul to Wi-Fi AP, instrumentation data, video surveillance, VoIP and more.

Join the growing list of energy corporations, local and state governments, and military organizations globally using Redline's Universal Wireless Transport (UWT) to reliably connect people and machines everywhere. Redline Virtual Fiber[tm] solutions - where nothing else works.


  • Industrial wireless terminal for applications needing extra distance or operation in extended frequency bands (e.g., UHF)
  • IP67 rated all-weather enclosure provides reliable operation in a wide range of temperature and environmental conditions
  • Complete over-the-air monitoring, configuration, and software upgrades without physical access to the system
  • Purchase only initial performance levels and features and upgrade later over-the-air without replacing hardware
  • Fully software-defined design provides enhanced flexibility and extends system life far beyond fixed hardware solutions

The RDL-3000 SU is fully compatible with the RDL-3000 SC and eLTE-GT sector controllers and operates in sectors with eLTE -MT, AN-80i and RAS wireless terminals. The RDL-3000 Industrial Series is supplemented by a full line of hardened industrial peripherals including antennas, cables, mounting hardware, and power sources.