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Redline TV White Space Starter Kit

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$7,664.00 $7,879.00
  • SKU: TVWS-4-1-KIT
  • Manufacturer: Redline Communications
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$7,664.00 $7,879.00

TVWS 4 + 1 Kit

Redline TV White Space (TVWS) Starter Kit

TV White Spaces - Where to Begin and Best Practices (Click Here)

Redline TV White Space Starter Kit contents:

  • 1 - RDL3000 XP Ellipse 470-698MHz Base Station
  • 1 - Base Station Antenna Sectoral 470-698MHz UHF 11 dBi 5ft(1.5m) 90deg Dual-Pol
  • 1 - TVWS Database right to access annual fee, USA only
  • 4 - RDL3000 XP Enterprise 470-698MHz CPE
  • 4 - Subscription BS Annual Fee TVWS WSDB Access
  • 1 - Options Key RDL3000 XP Ellipse PMP up to 20 Remotes Max Mbps
  • 8 - Antenna Log-P Directional 470-698MHz 11dBi 46in(116cm) 65deg

TVWS Capabilities:

  • Non Line of Site (NLOS) - Navigate around some trees and building
  • Broadband speeds
  • Competitive infrastructure costs

Why use TV White Space?

Redline’s radio operate in FCC ETSI 470 – 698 MHz. This frequency range provides excellent non-line of sight (NLOS) making it possible to mount the end radio on existing structures, thus eliminating the need for remote masts which will reduce your upfront capital costs .

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