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Rohn 3WN SSV Standard Section, 20ft

$‎1,046.35 $‎1,231.00
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  • Manufacturer: Rohn
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$‎1,046.35 $‎1,231.00

Specifications ROHN 3WN

Compatible Tower ModelROHN SSV series
Tower Section TypeTapered base
Weight245.000 lbs.
Tower Section Overall Height20.00 ft.
Tower Section Leg Diameter0.938 in.
Crossmember Bracing Diameter0.438 in.
Nominal Spread Dimension Upper1 ft., 6 in.
Nominal Spread Dimension Lower1 ft., 10in.


 These sections may be used as stand-alone short towers or stacked to gain additional height. For example, the 4N, 3WNB, and 3WN sections combine to create an excellent 50 ft. free-standing tower! ROHN self-supporting upper sections use a Zig-Zag brace pattern of solid, round steel. This is the case for the 4N, 3WN, and 3WNB tower sections. Larger solid-steel material is also used for the section legs. Hot-dip galvanizing ensures decades of useful life! Time-tested in strength and design, these ROHN SSV series of self-supporting towers provide an excellent strength-to-cost ratio, proven by years of use. In production for nearly 40 years in ROHN's own tower manufacturing facilities, their SSV tower has evolved into a highly efficient and wide-ranging system of custom towers produced from pre-engineered sections. ROHN SSV towers are the quality-standard in the industry for small to midrange self-supporting towers. When you want your antenna system to be supported by the best free-standing tower available, remember these ROHN SSV Tower Sections,