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Rohn 45G Tower Kit, 130 MPH, NI, 120ft

US$‎6,619.63 US$‎7,787.80
US$‎6,619.63 US$‎7,787.80

Specifications Rohn 45G130R120

Tower Height120 ft
Leg TypeTubular
Section width18"
Section height10'
Brace ConnectionWelded
Tower TypeGuyed

Rohn 45G130R120 45G TOWER KIT, 130 MPH, NI, 120'

This Product Order Supplies the Following BOM (Less Foundation and Installation) in accordance for Use as a 120 Foot ROHN 45G Tower with EPA's (Effective Projected Area) Ratings for 130 MPH (REV. G) or 110 MPH (REV. F).

This 45G Tower is to be used in a Guyed Configuration according to Specifications in the ROHN Catalog. As a Guyed Structure, a 130 MPH rated Tower can rise to a maximum of 150 feet.

Kit Included: