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Rohn Tower Assembly 65G, 130 MPH, 100ft

$9,677.25 $11,385.00
  • SKU: 65G130R100
  • Manufacturer: Rohn
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$9,677.25 $11,385.00

Rohn 65G130R100 TOWER ASSY 65G 100' 130 MPH 3SEC GUST REV G

The ROHN complete guyed tower kits make it easier than ever for you to get everything you need for your next tower installation. The ROHN R-65G130R100 100-ft guyed tower kit contains all hardware necessary to construct a complete 100-ft guyed tower suitable for use in areas with 130mph Rev. G/110mph Rev. F wind speeds.

The ROHN 65G is a true multi-use structure that provides excellent strength for applications up to 500-ft. The 65G is completely pre-fabricated in welded sections allowing for quick and convenient installation. When properly installed, the standard tower will support the loads shown.

The ROHN 65G tower is available in standard 10-ft and 20-ft sections and uses 4-bolted flange joints, proven to be the best method of joining tower sections for sturdiness and dependability. As a guyed structure the ROHN 65G can rise to a maximum of 500-ft. The 65G tower sections can also be used in a bracketed configuration and as a freestanding tower up to 80-ft.