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Rohn Grounding Kit, Guy Anchor Wire (3)

US$‎227.21 US$‎267.30
  • SKU: AGK1G
  • Manufacturer: Rohn
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US$‎227.21 US$‎267.30

ROHN AGK1G Tower Down Guy Wire Grounding Kit

CW4ST (3 X 15 Feet) of #4 Bare Stranded Copper Wire

8510 (3 ea) 10 Foot Copper Clad 5/8 Inch Ground Rod.

340016T (3 ea) 3/4 Inch Clamp No. 8034 WB

Does not include the Guy Wire Ground Clamps (select from Accessories below), as there is no accounting for all Guy Wire sizes in this one Kit.

This is a REV. F Down Guy Grounding Kit. This differs from REV. G as REV. F bonds to the Guy Wires themselves directly, as opposed to the REV. G kit that grounds via the anchor rod.

Specifications Rohn AGK1G

TypeAnchor wire ground kit
ForGuyed tower
Weight30 LB